pet safety

A guide to pet safety.

If you ever have questions about toxins when it comes to your pet, don't hesitate to call the Animal Control Poison Center at (855) 764-7661.

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critter control                                                                                    

Experiencing a wildlife or rodent problem?

Consult Critter Control - a wildlife control firm for a humane and effective resolve.

Check out their website by clicking the link: NOLA Critter Control


The Purrfect Litterbox

                                                                           Questions about Pet Insurance?                                                                            

                      Check out for information and resources on insurance for dogs, cats, birds & exotic pets.


The LASPCA has great dog training classes available just click here!


Have you heard of T-N-R?


Is your dog intact?

enjoy a bowl

For the Finicky Eater

Enjoy a Bowl

A new way to stimulate your pet's appetite. Click the link above to learn more.

snuffle mat

Routesun Snuffle Mat

Hide treats and kibble inside of the fabric folds and watch your pup use their sense of smell to seek out the goods inside.

Helps to reduce anxiety by taking their mind off of their worries and focusing them on using their foraging skills.

treat maze

Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

An interactive way for cats to put their hunting skills to use by navigating through this maze for a treat or toy!


Petfusion Electronic Cat Toy

Do you have a lazy cat?

 Here is a way to get your fur baby more active! A feather toy that pops out of 1 of the 6 holes, blinking lights, and fast moving? 

What more could a cat ask for? 


ZippyPaws Log & Chipmunks

You don't always need to use treats as a reward. 

Sometimes finding a plush chipmunk in a log after using paws, snout, and mind is all your pup needs! 

(Pss..Give your pup a treat anyway.)


Having trouble bathing your fur baby?

Teach your dog to love baths!


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